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The Board

Public meetings are held 10 times a year. They allow the board to discuss and adopt the items on the agenda. Citizens can also attend and ask questions of members. In addition, the members of the Board participate in various committees contributing to the good governance of the Corporation.

  • Christian Schryburt

    Christian Schryburt President

  • Dr Pierre Larivé

    Dr Pierre Larivé Vice-President of Scientific Affairs

  • Katia Sebastiani

    Katia Sebastiani Secretary

  • Daniel Chênevert

    Daniel Chênevert Board Member

  • David Gourde

    David Gourde Board Member

  • Elie Kassouf

    Elie Kassouf Board Member

  • Louis Levasseur

    Louis Levasseur Board Member

  • Marie-Josée Kromp

    Marie-Josée Kromp Board Member

  • Michel Lachapelle

    Michel Lachapelle Board Member

  • Simon Lessard

    Simon Lessard Board Member

  • Dominique Massie

    Dominique Massie Executive Director

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